Surprising elitism from John Waters

May 25, 2010

Your John Waters coverage on Sunday was excellent ("The education of John Waters," May 23). Mr. Waters continues to be a state institution and makes his mother and drag queens proud. A minor quibble: I was surprised by Mr. Waters' uncharacteristic elitism displayed in his negative comments about Remington getting a Walmart.

Mr. Waters admits that it will provide needed jobs but then attacks Walmart for low salaries and censoring movies and CDs. He contends that it will prevent Remington from ever being a "hipster neighborhood. I hate Walmart." Mr. Waters must be spending all of his life in north Baltimore these days. A quick drive through Remington would show him that there are virtually no places for residents to shop, with or without Hon hairdos. There are few or no centers in Remington for housewives, kids, weirdoes and old drag queens to hang out. The sheer shoddy streets with trash everywhere and drug dealers thick as flies puts to the lie any decent person's hope for a "hipster neighborhood." None of this is to mention the several murders at 28th and Miles as well as the elderly lady slaughtered on Cresmont and 31st, to mention only a few carnages.

Walmart will not solve all of these problems, but it does provide an alternative to drug zombies and a sense of emptiness and hopelessness that is inflicted on Remington. Shame on John. Maybe he could at least open a peep show there.

H.L. Goldstein, Towson

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