Rosewood Center transfer remains on track

May 24, 2010

For the sake of your readers and the residents of Baltimore County, we are writing to clarify some issues following your story about the Rosewood Center ("Rosewood Future Clouded," May 19).

The state is working diligently to transition this surplus property in a timely fashion to accommodate the future development plans of Stevenson University. This is believed to be in keeping with the community's vision of its best use. This transition remains on track and is still moving as quickly as any other sizable and important real estate purchase.

The state and Stevenson University have been working together to quickly assess the environmental issues, and we've agreed to proceed with an expanded and more detailed environmental study of the impacted areas on the property. As part of the purchase process, Stevenson will administer the environmental study, with oversight provided by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

The state and Stevenson have agreed on executing a prudent time-sensitive process for this transaction that ensures that the property will transition from "state surplus" into something of considerable value to the university and the surrounding community as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we want to assure the citizens of Owings Mills and the surrounding communities that there is nothing to indicate that Rosewood poses any imminent environmental health or safety risk.

When the sale of the property is complete and plans for its use are proposed, the state of Maryland will oversee any needed cleanup activities to ensure the university, its students and the families of Owings Mills remain safe and protected.

Alvin C. Collins and Timothy M. Campbell

The writers are secretary of the Maryland Department of General Services and executive vice president for financial affairs and chief financial officer of Stevenson University.

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