New details in killing of man who was reported abducted

Records show man owned property management company, faced drug charges

May 21, 2010|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

The 35-year-old man found dead in Northwest Baltimore after being abducted Wednesday was speaking with another person when masked men with guns dragged him into a van, police said.

The details emerged as police identified the victim as Jamie "Peanut" Hilton-Bey, owner of a property management company who was set to stand trial next week on drug charges.

Police said Hilton-Bey was standing in the 2300 block of Lauretta Ave. with another person when the vans pulled up. A number of attackers emerged and began to choke and beat him. Two men pointed handguns at the witness as Hilton-Bey was dragged into a burgundy van. The van sped toward Edmondson Avenue and out of sight.

Hilton-Bey of the 3700 block of Saint Margaret St. is listed as the owner of Hilton-Bey Management LLC, a property management company established in 2009. City land records show the company owned a home in the 2300 block of Lauretta Ave., where the abduction occurred

The witness called police but could not identify the men and did not know the numbers on the temporary tags on the vans. The witness would not cooperate further out of fear, and was taken to the homicide unit to be interviewed.

When police found the burgundy van, Hilton-Bey's body was inside. He appeared to have been shot several times. He was taken to Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead at 1:24 a.m.

Police were exploring leads in the case and suspect his death may be drug-related. In addition to the pending drug trial, Hilton-Bey had previously been charged with attempted murder and eight counts of intimidating jurors; the charges were dropped, according to court records.

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