Man, 60, sentenced to life in 1980 rape of Randallstown woman

Herman Bolling also linked by DNA evidence to second assault

served time in prison for a third rape

May 20, 2010|By Nick Madigan, The Baltimore Sun

A 60-year-old serial rapist was sent to prison for life Thursday after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman in her Randallstown home 30 years ago.

The Aug. 26, 1980 crime, when Herman Bolling awoke a 21-year-old woman and raped her at knifepoint, was linked to Bolling by recently examined DNA evidence. A sexual assault the following year also was connected to him through DNA, but was not prosecuted because the victim has since died, and he has a prior rape conviction.

"I owe society for my ill behavior," Bolling told Baltimore County Circuit Judge John G. Turnbull II. But, he added, "I am no longer a problem to you or society," and asked for compassion.

Then, turning to the blonde woman he had raped in 1980 and to the son of the woman whom he raped in Reisterstown on June 3, 1981, he said, "I ask that the victims forgive me for my actions."

The 1980 victim said there is "not a night that goes by" when she does not wake up between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. — roughly the time the rape occurred — and recall what happened.

Bolling was initially convicted of an Oct. 17, 1981 rape shortly after it occurred. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and released on July 7, 2005, after serving about 25 years.

Bolling was living in Baltimore when rearrested in January 2009, after DNA evidence linked him to the other two rapes — first the 1980 rape, then the June 1981 crime — said prosecutors Stephanie Porter and Keith Pion.

Before returning Bolling to prison for "the rest of your natural life," the judge described him as "a predator and a danger to society" in the early 1980's. Whether he is "a better person" now will be for a parole board to decide, Turnbull said.

In the June 1981 sexual assault in Reisterstown, police said, Bolling tried to strangle his victim and left her with broken ribs and a deep cut to her neck. She died of unrelated causes in 2006.

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