Facts don't support cries of socialism

May 20, 2010

It's often hard to imagine that literate folks living in the same community seeing, hearing and reading the same things can have such disparate views. I thought Tom Schaller's objective and factually based article on socialism was excellent and informative ("A far cry indeed from 'socialism,'" May 18).

But here comes reader Julius G. Angelucci who ignores the facts recited in Mr. Schaller's article and rants about "the government taking over major industries, such as the auto and health care industry" ("We aren't socialist — yet," Readers respond, May 20). We all know that the government is not taking over these industries. Our government (not them, but we, the people) very reluctantly lent money to certain auto manufacturers to help them stay in business and maintain employment for thousands of our fellow citizens; and it seeks do something about the out-of-control escalation in health care costs by holding health care insurers and providers accountable for their practices.

Fear-mongering blather without basis in fact impresses no one!

Dan Tracy, Baltimore

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