Council too chicken to vote on bottle tax

May 20, 2010

The bottle tax is an example of why we need term limits — not because city officials were considering it but because it appears they will not pass it ("Bottle tax goes into the can," May 20).

We need our elected officials to make tough decisions, but when they are worried about getting reelected, they are more apt to bow to public pressure induced by money and advertising. In this case, the money and advertising has been provided by the beverage industry. While a regressive tax, the bottle tax is not on staples but on items that could be considered luxury items. Don't tell me your grocery bill will be more when you can get good water out of the tap. While some residents may buy some of these items out in the counties, most of the people purchasing these types of items are coming in to the city: employees, visitors and transients purchasing via vending machines and convenience stores. These purchases are not going to change.

Howard Calk, Baltimore

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