What you'll find at the Wonder Warehouse

  • Alex Van Ness tests the Flaming Acoustic Harmonophone at the Wonder Warehouse exhibit.
Alex Van Ness tests the Flaming Acoustic Harmonophone at the… (Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun )
May 20, 2010

Here are the 13 exhibits that constitute the Maryland Science Center's "Wonder Warehouse"

1) Whackaphone

What it is: A calliope made of PVC tubing that you play by whacking the open ends with a flip-flop

What it demonstrates: properties of pitch and tone

2) Keystone Zone

What it is: A race to build an arch

What it demonstrates: compression

3) See Saw Science/Tiltometer

What it is: two big and two small seesaws

What it demonstrates: leverage, balance and pivot points

4) Totally Terroidal

What it is: Two parts: a giant membrane that, when pressed, blows smoke rings, and a shooting gallery using compressed air to knock down targets

What it demonstrates: air vortexes

5) Flaming Acoustic Harmonophone

What it is: A 10-foot steel pipe out of which flames dance to music

What it demonstrates: harmony, oscillation, sound waves

6) The Goobulator

What it is: A cylinder filled with liquid that turns to solid when sound is pumped into it.

What it demonstrates: viscosity

7) Equal and Opposite

What it is: Two sleds mounted on a rail, facing each other

What it demonstrates: Newton's Third Law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

8) Light Doodles

What it is: Light-emitting pens are used to draw in the air

What it demonstrates: exposure, how light can affect certain photosensitive surfaces

9) The Fryzooka

What it is: An air cannon that shoots a potato through a mesh screen

What it demonstrates: Compression

10) Light Cube

What it is: a room in which light is manipulated using mirrors, lenses, etc.

What it demonstrates: Light refraction, reflection, color wave length

11) Oxidizer Optimizer

What it is: a small unmanned rocket shoots across the gallery on a cable

What it demonstrates: propulsion

12) Tinker Tables

What it is: Rotating demonstrations (including a wind tunnel, tiny programmable computers and pencils that draw sound) on three tables

What it demonstrates: ingenuity

13) Laugh Garden

What it is: A wall covered with video monitors that laugh at you as you walk by

What it demonstrates: "It's just really fun," says the science center's Alex Van Ness

Chris Kaltenbach

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