Homeowners steps in where police fail

May 19, 2010

It is very brave of John Schissler to try and rid of the bad elements who are dealing drugs in his neighborhood. Baltimore City police try to clean up and keep the neighborhood free from drugs, but it's never going to happen! Drug dealing is a multi-million dollar industry. You knock one dealer down and three more take his place bringing more drugs, alcohol and prostitutes in our city.

I understand fully how Mr. Schissler feels. I lived in the Patterson Park area a few years back. It was horrible, with drugs on every corner. It never stopped, and the only reason it is quieter now is because all the dealer's moved from the corner they were on just to go sling drugs a few blocks over out of sight of the cameras Baltimore put up to catch the drug dealers. The drug dealers come out at night and are gone by daybreak so the camera's can't see them as well. Baltimore City police need to think of something better because, trust me, what they're doing ain't working.

Rhoda Huth, Baltimore

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