Dangerous but necessary confrontation

May 19, 2010

Selling drugs, buying drugs and homicides are things Baltimore City residents deal with every day. John W. Schissler decided not to deal with it any more ("Longtime homeowner fights against drugs," May 19). Mr. Schissler, 76, spends his retirement confronting the suspected drug dealers on his street and nearby. I agree with his reasoning to do so because I see the drug problem in my neighborhood too, although, he could be putting his life at risk.

Confronting the suspected drug dealers and buyers could help stop and drug interactions. Drug dealers may think that he will call the cops on them while selling the drugs or record everything that they are doing and report it to the police. Because he is doing this to the drug dealers in his neighborhood, the dealers will probably move their locations. Mr. Schissler yelling at them and reporting them could really not only get them off his streets but a lot of Baltimore streets that are being run by drug dealers. Also, it could prevent some young teens from learning this trade by watching and getting to know these drug dealers.

Keeping a notepad to keep track of different cars and their tag numbers could help the police with catching these drug dealers. Being that the neighborhood that he lives in is not one of the biggest and most dangerous Baltimore City neighborhoods, police are scarce and not always able to catch the drug dealers at the time of their dealings. So with Mr. Schissler being retired he has a lot of time to do what he thinks should be done to get these drug dealers off the streets.

Although, what Mr. Schissler is doing for his community is a good thing, it could also cause more problems. If he gets in their way so much that they do actually move to a different neighborhood, then it could cause more problems in the neighborhoods that already have issues with drugs. Usually a person who is a drug dealer has a criminal background, which could cause more problems with destruction of property, robberies and more drug interactions The drug dealers could get really mad that he is interfering with their job and want revenge on him. With that in mind, Mr. Schissler trying to get rid of them could end up with him being killed.

Kristina, Baltimore

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