Mayor, council look out for themselves

May 19, 2010

Baltimore City has a financial crisis. The mayor and City Council are attacking the police department and department pensions. Why aren't they doing anything about their pensions? How many people think former Mayor Shelia Dixon should be getting an $83,000 pension?

City Council President Jack Young was paying the minimum water bill on his home, and then it turns out he wasn't living in the house he said he was. How credible is this? Why no big deal was brought up about him giving false information as to his residence, I have no idea.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke is pushing for Wal-Mart to pay higher wages at the new store it wants to build. What a wonderful way to encourage businesses to move into the city.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants to put a 4-cent bottle tax on some beverages in the city. How many residents will purchase these beverages in the counties to avoid the tax? What a wonderful way to encourage businesses to locate in Baltimore City.

The mayor, City Council president and some City Council members seem to be looking out for themselves and are out of touch with reality. The only thing we can do about this problem is replace them in the next election.

Timothy Weber, Baltimore

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