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Bourdain's got no apologies upon his return to Baltimore

The 'No Reservations' host appears at the Hippodrome Saturday

May 19, 2010|By Rob Kasper, The Baltimore Sun

Bourdain said he has also noted an upswing in the kind of restaurants that feature food that chefs like to eat. Typically, he said, such restaurants cut back on tablecloths and don't dress their waiters in double-breasted jackets. And, they cook organ meats.

"If you are cooking for other chefs, chances are, you will have kidney or tripe on the menu," he said.

Bourdain admitted that he watches The Food Network, but doesn't like it much.

"I am riveted by its awfulness," he said, adding that some of the techniques touted on the shows are just wrong. "If I were king," Bourdain said, "anybody who tells you that is OK to rinse off spaghetti, heat it before service, drop it in a bowl and ladle on some sauce would get two years in a federal pen."

There is, however, one Food Network Show that catches Bourdain's fancy: "Ace of Cakes," starring Baltimore's Duff Goldman.

"I like the show; the people are a creative, quirky bunch," he said. "The show is very much about how the cakes looks, not how they taste, but they are pretty amazing."

If you go: An Evening With Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert is at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Hippodrome, 12 N. Eutaw St. Tickets are $29-$49 for the show, $89 for show and the Hippodrome Foodie Experience, and $250 for the above plus a meet-and-greet. Call 410-547-SEAT or go to ticketmaster.com.

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