Donor gives money for Symphony Woods project

Non-profit insists on being anonymous

May 18, 2010|By Larry Carson, The Baltimore Sun

A mysterious area nonprofit is donating $250,000 to match a General Assembly contribution to help the Columbia Association remake Symphony Woods next to Merriweather Post Pavilion into an attractive, frequently used public space.

Columbia Association President Phil Nelson made the announcement in front of about 50 people who gathered at the homeowners' association headquarters Tuesday to celebrate the state money given toward what is ultimately expected to be a $5 million project.

As part of the plans to redevelop central Columbia, CA's board adopted a plan to install walking paths and an interactive fountain in a large public plaza served by a cafe, among a variety of new features intended to transform the area into a gathering place.

Nelson said the nonprofit is headquartered outside Howard County and insisted on anonymity or would rescind the gift. The CA has budgeted $1.2 million for planning and to begin construction in the year that began May 1 and $1.4 million more next fiscal year. Work should begin next spring, officials said.S

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