Porous borders an invitation to terrorists

May 17, 2010

Although the number grows every day, there are currently about 12 million illegal aliens in this country. Each one has secretly come across our border undetected by U.S. authorities. While any one of them could have carried in a bomb, to date, we have been lucky. We will not always be that lucky. One day, one of these illegal immigrants could bring in a bomb, and innocent Americans will suffer the consequence of our failure to protect our borders.

The Democratic Party commands a significant majority within both the House and the Senate, yet they refuse to address this issue. Apparently addressing immigration is not in their political best interests at this time. Shame on them for playing politics with American security.

There are two related but very separate issues: what to do with the 12 million illegal aliens currently in our country and closing the border to further incursions. I don't know the answer to the first issue, but I know we need to protect our borders now. Stopping the illegal incursions is the immediate need. We can then address the illegal immigrant population at a more politically correct time.

Luck has spared us so far. I prefer to rely upon vigilance rather than luck. I encourage everyone who reads this letter to write your senators and representatives demanding that they address this issue. De-link it from the immigration problem. If any Americans are eventually injured because of the lack of Congressional resolve, I wonder how our leaders can look in a mirror, knowing they have failed to live up to their responsibilities. There is a responsibility to protect our borders.

John W. Egan, Hunt Valley

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