Ask Outdoors Girl

May 16, 2010

Sometimes when researching this feature, even Outdoors Girl meets her match, hits a dead end, throws in the towel, runs up the white flag.

We have reached that point.

The piece of gear in question (seen in the photo) was owned by the late Evening Sun outdoors editor Bill Burton and discovered by his wife as she cleaned out his basement treasure-trove. She showed it to me, thinking I might have a clue. Not a chance. I was clueless.

If you could jig for shark through the ice, this would be the rig you would choose: a rod about the length of a jigging rod but spooled with line better suited for "Jaws." It is solidly built. Lois Burton jokes that it couldn't have been constructed by Bill, because "it's not held together with duct tape."

Any ideas? Send them to me, and I'll pass them along.

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