Obama's plan to create a socialist state

May 14, 2010

An insidious plan is being implemented by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress to transform this nation into a socialist state. Following the financial crisis caused by the government itself, the government passed stimulus and bailout plans creating a huge debt and a takeover of much of the financial and auto industries.

The health care reform bill, passed against the objection of the majority of American people, will lead to an expensive government-run single payer plan giving the government control over our personal lifestyles and the rationing of health benefits.

Obama and Congress are pushing a financial reform bill regulating Wall Street and giving the executive branch total power, without any oversight, to disband companies, determine their salaries and fire any CEO in its discretion.

With unsecured borders and illegal alien amnesty, the liberals will have a huge voting bloc guaranteeing their control of government for decades to come.

On the near horizon is a cap and trade bill. If passed, it will regulate the utility companies and allow the government to regulate, among other things, the temperatures in our homes and to tell us what kind of appliances and light bulbs that we can use.

To mitigate any dissent from sources such as talk radio, the Internet, and the tea parties, the government, in my opinion, is on target to mute such criticism by implementing speech censorship.

Our limited government republic, as set forth in our Constitution, can only be saved if we vote these socialists out of power.

John A. Malagrin, Baltimore

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