Community makes a difference in controlling feral cats

May 14, 2010

Your article about feral cats ("Cats cared for under the radar," May 10) highlighted how members of a community can come together to help their neighborhoods. Instead of simply calling to complain about unwanted feral cats near their homes, citizens like Jolene Baldwin actively work to improve the situation.

The Maryland SPCA works closely with Ms. Baldwin and other feral cat caretakers to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals in our community. Last year, the Maryland SPCA fixed almost 10,000 animals at our high-volume spay/neuter clinic, including 1,400 feral cats. We are always impressed when we see how many individuals are willing to give up their personal time to help their neighborhoods. It is remarkable what can be done when citizens act together to improve the community which we all live.

Aileen Gabbey, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Maryland SPCA.

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