Time for Ray Lewis to get involved

May 13, 2010

I was very touched by the reaction Ray Lewis had at the naming of a street after him ("For Lewis, a street of his own," May 12). It prompts me to after years of talking about it to post this comment. Ray needs to step up and get involved. He should team up with the mayor and find a building in the North Avenue corridor. It should be turned into condos, and from there block by block, a neighborhood can be reborn. There is no reason this can't be done and a person with his clout should be able to get all the support he needs.

I know what it takes. After opening the Bay Cafe in 1989 and rehabbing my first building in 1990, Canton as we know it today was reborn. The rest is history.

With the right vision and the right people this can be done. After seeing tears in Ray's eyes, I can see there are a lot of things in his future that he plans to do. One of them, I hope will be the new Canton some day on the corner of Broadway and North Avenue.

David Naumann, Baltimore

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