Alonso is too soft on bullies

May 13, 2010

Baltimore County Schools CEO Andres Alonso has been making statements that keeping bullies in school is, in his opinion, the right thing to do. That is just so wrong!

First let's get away from the cute little word "bully." These individuals are predators and they prey on other classmates. So to return them back to the school where they have terrorized others is flat out wrong.

But because Mr. Alonso is who he is, we are to assume he is omnipotent and the word has been handed down from on high. In his op-ed on May 11 ("Ending bullying together") he talks about getting mental health clinicians involved, cites statistics on the suicide/homicide rates of children who were suspended and suggests that school communities should help with a volunteer system, etc., but in his entire article he uses the word "parent" one time. Amazing!

R.J. Moskal

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