Sun promotes illegal immigrants in horse industry

May 12, 2010

Shame on The Sun for publishing an article giving the impression that horse racing couldn't survive without immigrants, especially illegal immigrants("Racing's lack of labor," May 11). And that Americans are lazy and immigrants are hardworking. The proof of this is that horse owner Michelle Sharp hired one American who didn't work out and hired a great illegal worker. And is this a great country or what?

People like Ms Sharp can openly admit hiring an illegal in print and know there will be no consequences. No wonder employers think they are as above the law. And illegal immigrants have no fear of declaring their right to be illegal in public! Obviously, horse racing existed for centuries with native workers. If we are at a place that racing can only exist with illegals and imported labor, it is a sign that the industry needs to fade away.

And just wondering: How does the racing industry try to recruit American citizens? Ads in the paper? Labor centers? People are losing their homes and living in shelters and turning down $500 per week? Please! Why don't Pimlico and other tracks have a public job fair? Something tells me most people don't even know about available track jobs.

Funny how all of a sudden Americans decided they don't want to work in the racing industry. I guess these are the same Americans who suddenly don't want to do construction, painting and contracting, road and bridge work, factory work, hotel and restaurant work, etc. Except the majority of those jobs are held by Americans. So obviously they aren't jobs Americans aren't willing to do. I doubt working at a track is either.

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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