Md. minority business program is a sham

May 12, 2010

The article "State achieves its 25 percent goal for minority business" (May 8) quoted the governor as he proclaimed, "We look at our diversity as a strength" and "we look at it as a competitive advantage." Further the article pronounced that the state reached 25 its percent goal for minority contracting and was on track to finish the fiscal year at that level.

This program is yet another sham perpetrated by this state upon taxpayers and, especially in the case, upon its minority businesses. The current registry of minority businesses certified to benefit from set aside in our "fair" state is replete with nonresident firms whose employees are not even state taxpayers.

In the construction realm, there are firms in concrete and steel trades which, typically, represent a significant percentage of building cost so goals are met easily and to the detriment of smaller resident minority contractors. If state requirements for set asides are easily met using out-of-state firms, then many small resident minority businesses are not solicited once goals have been met.

Maryland taxes should not be set aside for nonresident firms to come in here and get on the certified list and take the money back home.

Dennis R. McCartney, Dundalk

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