Pakistani injustice leaves no room for peace

May 10, 2010

I would like to thank Faheem Younus for his poignant commentary on the issue of blasphemy laws in Pakistan ("Blasphemy laws: the root of Pakistani extremism," May 10). Though it is encouraging that the State Department has placed Pakistan on the list of "countries of particular concern," more concerted effort has to be made by both countries to get to the root of terrorism.

The writer made a very pertinent point that though "few Pakistanis actually terrorize minorities and non-Muslims, many others have cheered or remained silent." It is time that this silent majority should come forth and condemn the atrocities committed against the Ahmadis and other minorities in Pakistan and demand the reversal of the law that was promulgated to declare the Ahmadis non-Muslims. Until and unless this is achieved, neither Pakistan nor the United States will be able to root out the problem of terrorism. Where there is injustice there can be no room for peace.

Shahina Bashir, Germantown

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