Bottle tax isn't the only problem

May 07, 2010

The editorial "Bottle tax scare" (April 29) suggests that the only reason there is significant opposition to the bottle tax is because corporations have somehow manipulated citizens by making them aware that the City Council is considering the tax. But the real problem is that there isn't more outrage about all the other taxes that are being raised.

The fact is that the City Council is considering nine pieces of legislation that increase our already astronomical city taxes. There are bills to increase the income tax, energy tax, parking tax and fees for parking violations, among other things. The truth is, no one except the "corporations" is looking out for the interests of city residents. Where is the debate on the other eight pieces of legislation set to take even more out of paychecks? The corporations are looking out for their interests. Who looks out for ours?

We are about to be hit with serious increases in almost every major area of our lives and all we hear about is the "bottle tax." That should be what generates the citizens' outrage. We know there is a shortfall in government "need" versus income, and the mayor floats cuts in police and fire protection. Then nine pieces of legislation show up to increase the already highest taxes in the state.

What citizens are not sure of is why there is such a shortfall and whether our city government has cinched its belt as tight as the average citizen must in such times. Blaming a bad economy is not enough. Citizens should be certain that everything is being done to curb government waste and unnecessary spending before we agree that our taxes should increase to support more of the same in city government.

Bill Burnham, Baltimore

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