Glimpsed at the Great Chefs' Dinner: Joe Fava

May 07, 2010|By Sloane Brown | Special to The Baltimore Sun

We weren't surprised to find out Joe Fava is an interior designer and owner of the Fava Design Group in Florida. The 40-year-old attendee of the Family Tree's 19th annual Great Chefs' Dinner was as put-together as the table he designed for the event — a purple Pucci-themed creation. "Trendy with an edge" is how the Baltimore native describes his style.

The look: Aubergine cotton button-down Nara Camicie shirt. Black velvet Dolce & Gabbana blazer. Gray and black striped Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo pants. Black nylon Prada belt with silver buckle. Black leather square-toe Prada loafers.

Where it came from: He bought the shirt and the belt in Italy. His blazer came from Bloomingdale's. He found the pants at Neiman Marcus, and the loafers at Saks Fifth Avenue.

His fashion sense makes sense: "In my industry, clients are constantly looking at you for style. So, I think it's important to stay current with all the fashion trends. I like to stay current with color, particularly. For example, this season, they're showing a lot of purple. So I can definitely see that in my wardrobe. ..."

Trendy vs. classic: "Some people say to stay away from expensive trendy items and spend more money on classic pieces. But, once you've got those classics, then that leaves you open to spend more on the trendy. ...The positive side to living [in Florida] is that you're able to wear the trendy stuff longer. So, I don't mind investing in a piece that will only last me a year because I know I'll wear it a lot in that year. …"

His fashion passion: "Pattern and color. I constantly have people who come up to me and comment on my shirts because they're generally a funky pattern and funky colors. That's probably what I'm best known for. But, the downside is that you can only wear them a couple of times because they're more identifiable."

Favorite footwear: "I've been buying a lot of patent leather shoes because they always look shined. ... Probably my favorite is pair of Mark Nason boots that I bought last year. They're patent leather at the tips and back and leather in the middle. ... I bought a pair of Gucci loafers with a silver buckle that were patent ... I bought a couple pairs of Prada tennis shoes that were patent. I'm meeting clients all the time, and if I'm on a job site that's muddy or dusty, they're easy to clean. …"

His No. 1 rule: "Know your style, and know what looks best on you. There are some things you see in a magazine that look good on a model, but won't look best on you. Like for me, I have dark hair and green eyes, so the colors that work best for me are black and purple. I wear a lot of greens. … Some colors that don't look good on me are tan, red and certain shades of gray. … No matter how much I like something [in those colors] I just steer clear of it."

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