Must-see OK Go Videos

May 06, 2010|By Sam Sessa, The Baltimore Sun

Few bands have been able to capitalize on the Internet like OK Go.

The Los Angeles-based rock foursome was catapulted into the mainstream when the lo-fi video for their song "A Million Ways" went viral, eventually racking up about 9 million downloads. Since then, OK Go has become just as popular for its music videos as its music.

Here are three essential OK Go music videos.

"A Million Ways": This video started it all. Filmed in singer Damian Kulash's backyard, it features the band performing a dance routine, choreographed by Kulash's sister, Trish Sie. The video's success caught the band and its label by surprise, and prompted the band to keep making quirky, low budget videos.

"Here it Goes Again": Considered by many to be one of the best music videos ever made, this video won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. In it, the band dances on moving treadmills, hopping on and off while bassist Tim Nordwind lip-synchs the lyrics. Since debuting in 2006, it has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube, putting it in the top 50 most-viewed videos. The band performed it live (treadmills and all) at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"This Too Shall Pass": OK Go shot two videos for this single: One featuring a massive Rube Goldberg machine, and the other with members of the Notre Dame marching band. In the marching band video, which came out first, they recorded a new version of the song with marching band instruments. In the Rube Goldberg video, they set up a sprawling machine, which starts with Dominos and ends with cannons launching paint at the band members.

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