Where to dine and drink during the film fest

May 06, 2010|By Sam Sessa, The Baltimore Sun

This weekend, thousands of cinephiles will descend on Station North for the annual Maryland Film Festival.

The blocks surrounding the Charles Theatre will be slammed with foot traffic, and the theater will be screening movies morning, noon and night. While there will be plenty of food and drink vendors in the film festival proper, they aren't your only options for pre- and post-festival nosh.

Tapas Teatro (1711 N. Charles St., 410-332-0110, tapasteatro.com) will be the first choice for many folks, simply because it's right next to the theater. While the small plates are tasty, the service can be sluggish on a regular night — let alone during the festival. So if you're set on eating there, make sure to factor in a couple hours, between the wait for a table and mealtime.

On the opposite side of the theater, Sofi's Crepes (1723 N. Charles St., 410-727-7732, sofiscrepes.com) whips up scrumptuous crepes, made with fresh ingredients and served to go. Don't let the long line fool you — it moves fast, and is worth the wait.

A longtime hipster haunt, the Club Charles (1724 N. Charles St., 410-727-8815) blood red decor and fantastic jukebox make it a sure bet for drinks. Since the bar doesn't round up or down on drinks, be prepared to walk out of the place with a pocketful of change.

For pizza, the neighborhood's best bet is Joe Squared (133 W. North Ave., 410-545-0444, joesquared.com), which, as its name suggests, dishes square pizzas. The decor may be a little clunky, but the service is solid, and the bar has the best rum list in the city. Joe Squared even has free live music seven nights a week.

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