What's the real story about the 'Get Motivated' event?

May 05, 2010

The business section article about the "Get Motivated" seminar is worthy of a high-school newspaper but not a paper with the long and proud history of The Baltimore Sun ("'Losers make excuses. Get out there and take action,'" May 5). While it does, indeed, report superficially on the events of the day, it fails to ask the important questions: With only 10,000 people (at most) in attendance and a published ticket price of $5, how are they able to bring Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, Sara Palin (via satellite), Michael Phelps (OK, he lives here), Rudolph Giuliani, et. al. to our fair city for less than the $50,000 netted by ticket sales?

A scant bit of online research shows that there is significant discord about this seminar; shouldn't some of that background have been reported, too? Is it significant that the "Get Motivated" seminar ran full-page advertising almost daily for two weeks or more prior to the event have anything to do with this press-release quality coverage? For shame, Sunpaper!

Susan Hartman, Towson

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