No tolerance for bullies

May 05, 2010

In reference to "Alonso wouldn't suspend bullies" (May 4), Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso should be reminded the classroom is no place to permit the presence of distracting bullying students at the expense of the other students being short-changed in their pursuit of a quality education.

In my opinion, these disturbing bullies should definitely be withdrawn and placed in another facility where they are required to learn respect for others, self-discipline and a structured life along with an appropriate academic curriculum. Instructors and staff members of this facility should be properly trained by personnel from the Education Department in an organization comparable to the Maryland State Police, and maybe in conjunction with one of our local institutions of higher learning.

Such a program would certainly serve in the best interest of all school children along with the whole community, and it would indeed be money well spent.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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