It's no wonder immigrants don't assimilate

May 04, 2010

Thomas F. Schaller's oblique reference to American "cultural purity" in his article "Forcing Washington to act on illegal immigration" (May 4) speaks to the irony of the immigration issue, in that, in a capitalist society that has abandoned any notion of financial restraint, fiscal responsibility, devotion to (or even awareness of) the common good, where all citizens are regarded as merely economic units, America could be said to have "cultural purity."

The profit motive as it exists today in the greediest, most corrupt financial system in the history of the world, where immense private wealth has corrupted the political process and poisoned the minds of the citizenry against itself through its media propagandists, has rendered "culture" impossible.

Our corporate-owned society is merely an "economy" and has forfeited any claim to being a "culture." Why does it surprise us, then, that immigrants who come here do so only to make money and not to acculturate themselves into American values — when no values exist in America, other than the profit motive?

Those who come to America to exploit our economy are being perfectly "American." And it doesn't surprise me that those most vocal in their criticism of the illegals espouse the same ideology that has made America the corporate dystopia that it has become and that continues to grow worse.

As long as America continues to sell its soul to corporate interests, it will appeal to none other than those who need and want to make money, but soon, even the money will run-out as it flows ever upward to the rich, who are able to avoid the consequences of their actions. Culturally, we no longer have anything to offer.

Charles Hilton, Baltimore

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