Democrats are trying to scare Latinos

May 04, 2010

Obama and the Democrats have demonized Arizona and played the race card for enacting a law that mirrors the U.S. law to protect their citizens against illegals. President Obama said on TV to a large audience that if you're in Arizona, look Latino, and bring your family to an ice cream parlor, you could risk being arrested. This is false, and this scenario could not be used against anyone. The Democratic aim is to frighten citizens and increase the Democratic base with Latinos. The Arizona law limits police from checking immigration status only when they have reasonable cause.

The first duty of the federal government is to protect its citizens. The Arizona law was only created because the Obama administration and Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, have done nothing about our border security. Violent crime, kidnappings and killings have left Arizonians defenseless from the onslaught of terror along the border. Because the Obama administration has failed to act, Arizona has made laws to protect it citizens. Beside of the serious problems in the border states, illegal immigrants have placed a great burden on our welfare system. This has caused deficits in most states that have added to the large government dependency group.

Americans have no problem with Mexicans or Latinos trying to make a better life here in America. Illegal is illegal. If they want a better life in the USA, enter America legally, learn English and our culture, and be an American. When they are legal immigrants, they will be able to get a good-paying job. If they do these things, we will welcome them with open arms!

Enar Sanders, Crofton

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