Keep Arizona-style immigration law out of the Free State

May 04, 2010

One of our state legislators is planning to introduce or may have already by now introduced a bill similar to the anti-immigration bill that was signed into law in Arizona. I'd like to make the following points about this legislation:

First, this type of discriminatory legislation is something we haven't seen since the Civil Rights era. I think the whole intent of targeting people because they may look a bit different, or have an accent, or wear clothing unlike what you wear is despicable.

Second, such legislation would put a burden on our police at a time when they are already understaffed and being threatened in some jurisdictions with further layoffs or furloughs.

Third, it will just add another we/them divider to communities that need to be brought together to work on problems rather than be splintered and factionalized.

Fourth, it is evident to anyone who listens to the news or reads a newspaper that there are all kinds of lawsuits against Arizona being planned. Furthermore, any number of organizations have moved or are considering moving their conventions to other places. Do you want this kind of financial calamity coming to Maryland?

Fifth, the whole thing is unnecessary. There are laws on the books now regarding illegal immigrants. They may need greater enforcement. Better yet, we need a foreign worker plan created in our country so those illegal immigrants could come work here legally. In the vast majority of cases these people are doing honest labor in jobs Americans turn their noses up at.

I would ask our legislators to please not make a fools of yourselves and potentially of this state, that proudly calls itself "The Free State." Drop your this legislation in the garbage where it belongs.

Elsa L. Clark, Glen Burnie

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