Schools need to maintain rules and order

May 04, 2010

Baltimore schools CEO Andrés Alonso calls "for more community action" to stop bullying. He might as well enlist the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy while he's at it! I'm involved with community work, and one lesson everyone learns is to stay out of other people's family business.

If an outsider were to do anything to a child caught bullying, rest assured they'd be sued. Lawyers are standing by! If I witnessed a bullying incident, I'd call the police — yet even officers of the law are reluctant to intervene for fear of reprisal from parents.

Instead of calling for community intervention, Mr. Alonso should study how this common childhood behavior was handled in the past and how it is handled by other, more enlightened nations. The Baltimore school CEO may decry, "The children come as is. We don't choose them," But as a taxpayer, I beg to differ.

Children certainly "come as they are," however it is the responsibility of the schools, which I pay for with my taxes, to establish rules and order. I'm sick of seeing my dollars tossed down the rat hole known as American education!

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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