Cyclists think they own the road

May 03, 2010

It has been a very long time since I have read such a condescending, holier-than-thou commentary than that which Michael Dresser wrote in today's Sunpaper in which he praised the recently passed legislation in Annapolis that allows police to ticket cars that come within three feet of bicyclists on public roadways ("Sharing the road with bicycles is hardly a hardship," May 3).

He says that this is hardly a hardship and denigrates all of the opinions of people who have pointed out serious safety concerns with regard to this requirement. He says that even on windy rural roads it is not a problem for cars to simply follow bicyclists for a few minutes. Obviously he has never driven behind a bicyclist traveling north on Harford Road though the Gunpowder State Park at 10 miles per hour for over two miles. The road is single lane and continually twists and turns. He should be made to follow these bicycle road hogs up Harford Road just one time.

He reminds me of another Sunpaper columnist who, back in the 1980's while I was working downtown, insisted that the squeegee kids who worked Charles Street and who squirted dirty water on your windshield without authorization were only trying to earn a few bucks. These bicyclists are the ones who cause accidents, not the other way around, because they think they are the ones who own the road.

Carol N. Shaw, Fork

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