An act of kindness that won't be forgotten

May 03, 2010

There are many headline stories that can get your readers attention, but what happened in Baltimore last weekend to a group of teenagers needs to be told, if for no other reason than to urge us all to see the good that can happen in Charm City.

On April 24, a group of eight teenagers on their way to their senior prom at M&T Bank Stadium decided to begin their evening with dinner at the Rusty Scupper at the Inner Harbor. All dressed in gowns and tuxedos, it was an evening they vowed never to forget, and truly they won't. As the group finished their dinner and were deciding on dessert, their waiter came over and informed them that their bill was paid by an anonymous couple that had been sitting at the bar. The couple did not want to be recognized or acknowledged but wanted the group to enjoy dinner on them.

This group of teens was incredulous that someone would be so generous. As a parent of one of these teens, I want to somehow let this couple know how appreciated their gesture was. I also want them to know that this group was so touched by what happened that each of them has vowed to pass it forward and do the same when one day they are able to pick up the tab for a group of teens like themselves.

Which may be a good lesson for all of us. Pass it forward. It can be as grand a gesture as the one from this amazingly generous couple, or it could be as simple as you dare to imagine. So I challenge us all to think what we can do to in some small way continue what has been started in the heart of Baltimore. It could be amazing.

To the couple at the bar of the Rusty Scupper, thank you. Your kindness has touched more people than you know.

Loraine Frey, Ellicott City

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