We should follow Arizona's lead

May 03, 2010

Congratulations and kudos to the lawmakers and the state of Arizona who passed a new and much needed bill to curb illegal immigration. If the federal government cannot and will not do its duty on immigration, then states must take up this worthwhile cause and introduce legislation on illegal immigration. Arizona's new immigration law definitely could and should have a place in other many other states that have huge illegal immigration problems.

The Arizona law allows police to investigate the immigration status of people they suspect lack permission to live in the United States. Harboring illegal immigrants or impeding traffic while stopping to give a ride to day laborers must prohibited. If the state and local governments fail to enforce the law, Arizona residents can sue them. It had become apparent that the federal government has failed to do its job on curbing illegals, and for states like Arizona to pass such laws makes sense.

I would definitely urge the state of Maryland to do likewise now. There is no question about this issue. Our social agencies, our hospitals, our schools are all breaking down and are overburdened with services they have to provide to illegal immigrants. Shifting the job of immigration enforcement to state and local police is the right thing to do.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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