Glimpsed at Everyman Theatre gala: Lisa Reed

May 02, 2010|By Sloane Brown | Special to The Baltimore Sun

Design is important to Lisa Reed. The 35-year-old Hampden resident has made it her career as an architect at Cho Benn Holback + Associates. The shape of something is also important when it comes to her personal style. When we "Glimpsed" Reed at Everyman Theatre's gala at the American Visionary Art Museum, she explained her style philosophy: "As long as I have on one nice thing, I can cheapen everything else up and be a little more trendy. But I like to keep one classic piece in the mix."

The look: Gray, taupe, violet, black and magenta print one-shoulder sheath. Black patent leather Calvin Klein pumps. Black microfiber stretch short sleeve shrug. Gold leaf-shaped earrings. Black sheer pantyhose.

Where it came from: She found the dress at United Colors of Benetton. Her shoes were purchased at Dillard's. She bought the shrug at White House|Black Market. She borrowed the earrings from her roommate.

Her shopping habits: "I'm the best at shopping right at the last minute when I need something. … I don't shop just to shop because I can't stand it. I shop on the Avenue because I live in Hampden. ... But when I'm down to the wire and I really need something, I go to Towson [Town Center] mall. I have really good luck [at Benetton]. ... But there's a whole other side of me: When I visit my mother, we shop. The only time I shop just to shop is with my mother."

She knows what she's looking for: "When I buy some clothes, I usually have an idea about the shape I'm looking for before I go. I've already put together something in my mind. ... I already had it in my mind that I wanted the one-shoulder-bare look [for tonight]. In the end, it was too cold to show it all."

Her dream dress: "I got married last May and I got to design my dress with Jill Andrews Taylor [of Jill Andrews Gowns in Hampden]. It was one of the most fun things I've ever done. … It was based much more on the line and the fabric than on a certain style. That was the favorite part of my wedding."

Her favorite accessory: "If there is an accessory I am into, it would be shoes. I have a favorite pair of high heels that are from Poppy and Stella that I got at its opening party in Fells Point. They're a red-and-black Chinese print. I can wear them with jeans or a fancy black dress. They have an open toe and a cork heel."

A fashionable family: "My mother and my sister are super fashion people. They have a thousand pairs of shoes each. I have a little less. I'm not saying I'm not fashionable, but I'm a little less fashion-conscious."

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