The Sun can’t hide its love for O’Malley

April 29, 2010

The picture on the front page of Wednesday's Sun about Gov. Martin O'Malley's campaign announcement, and the content of the report, if this is what you call it, taking another full page inside, are the best evidence of your unbalanced push for his re-election.

I haven't changed my views since Mr. O'Malley was Baltimore's mayor; he was a failure then and he's a failure now. I now that the Democrat apparatchiks and local Democratic machinery will twist and turn the facts to look rosy, but reality prevails, and it's not a positive picture at all. I do hope that this time reasoning will meet need, and that Mr. O'Malley, the local wonder-boy will be brought back to his true dimensions.

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. was not a perfect governor, nor is he a super politician, but compared with Mr. O'Malley, he's a much better choice. I believe that the Baltimore Sun taking side so early and so obviously can only add more damage to the already politically punctured figure of the present governor. Show some balance, please.

S. Elrom

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