Baltimore's Inner Harbor: A kid-friendly wonderland

Once you’re done with Curious George, four more things to do with your kids while visiting the Inner Harbor

April 29, 2010

After you and your kids have had your encounter(s) with Curious George this weekend, here are five more things you might want to do in the Inner Harbor area.

Maryland Science Center (601 Light St.; 410-685-2370 or Dinosaurs! Amplified body sounds! Machines that make your hair stand on end! And a movie screen five stories high! What's not to love about the Maryland Science Center? And we haven't even talked about Baltimore's coolest museum gift shop. (OK, maybe the Visionary Art Museum's is better. But the Science Center's is a close second.)

Constellation (Pier 1, 301 E. Pratt St; 410-539-1797 or Though it might not be the oldest former Navy ship (as it was billed for years), the Constellation is still one cool boat. Dating to 1855 (which makes it the last Civil War vessel still afloat), it's been berthed in Baltimore since 1955 — and for years was the Inner Harbor's only real tourist attraction. Kids can make-believe they're Pete the Pirate or Capt. Jack Sparrow, while adults can soak in the history — and marvel at how short those sailors must have been. (Watch your heads while below deck!)

National Aquarium (501 E. Pratt St.; 410-576-3800 or As fascinating as the sharks are, it's the rays that are really awesome. Well, the dolphins are definitely cool, too. And the Australian habitat has some pretty wild critters in it. And the jellyfish — they're amazing, beautiful in a way that almost defies description. And then there's the sloth — hard to find, but worth the hunt. Heck, let's just face it: The Aquarium rocks!

Geppi's Entertainment Museum (301 W. Camden St.; 410-625-7060 or Classic comic books, toys, games, dolls — nowhere else will you so easily find Superman, Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, the Wizard of Oz, G.I. Joe and Barbie, all cavorting happily together under the same roof. It's a pop-culture bonanza. (But beware, the kids will get tired of hearing "Man, I used to have that" after awhile.)

Chris Kaltenbach

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