Sexual and drunken innuendo of ‘Get Your Preak On’ is a disgrace to Baltimore

April 27, 2010

Once again, Baltimore is becoming the scourge of the sporting nation. Mr. Ridgely aptly pointed out yesterday in this paper that the advertising agency handling the Preakness this year has made an utter folly of the race itself.

These advertisers would much more readily encourage infield-goers to race on top of the portable potties than attend (and actually watch) the pivotal race of the Triple Crown. I wouldn't be surprised if several of the representatives from the advertising agency have participated in the drunken shuffle in their pasts.

What a horrid campaign it is, replete with innuendo of sex and alcohol. Gaffes like this only pave the way for the once-honorable Preakness to find a new home in the future.

Thank goodness Chick Lang is not around to witness this travesty; this is surely not how he envisioned it should be.

C'mon Baltimore, "get your "Preak on" and make a horse's ass of a once-dignified event that certainly does not need this kind of heinous representation.

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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