Lingerie football: putting the ‘Charm’ in Charm City

Scantily clad gridiron grapplers to play at 1st Mariner Arena

  • There's a new game coming to town: Lingerie Football!
There's a new game coming to town: Lingerie Football! (Scott Olson, Getty Images )
April 27, 2010|By Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun

Here's betting the folks who tagged Baltimore as "Charm City" never imagined this.

The Baltimore Charm, the newest entry in the two-year-old Lingerie Football League ("Real Fantasy Football," according to its website), will be holding tryouts this weekend at 1st Mariner Arena.

As if the poor Orioles didn't already have enough competition.

The 10-team league, which grew out of the pay-per-view Lingerie Bowls that have been a Super Bowl halftime staple since 2004, sports seven-player on-field teams. Like their male counterparts, players wear shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets. Unlike their male counterparts, they wear little else.

Clearly, the LFL is not a league for the meek. The league's website ( includes lots of footage of scantily clad gridiron grapplers tackling and hitting each other with great force, and there are plenty of women staring into the camera and talking about how tough they and their sport are.

But this is clearly a league where the double entendre rules. "It's about being on top," one tough-talking player asserts. It's about "pushing myself harder than ever before," promises another. "You break a nail and get right back out there," growls a third. Most of the players, at least those featured on the LFL website, are decidedly thinner and curvier than your standard-issue NFL-type.

This weekend's tryouts are slated to run 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday. The Charm – a name chosen by an online poll in which some 28,000 votes were cast, according to the league – is scheduled to play its season opener on the road Sept. 17 against the Philadelphia Passion. The home opener is scheduled for Oct. 1 against the Tampa Breeze. The four-game inaugural-season schedule concludes with games Nov. 5, at home against the Orlando Fantasy (also new to the LFL this year) and on the road Nov. 19 against the Miami Caliente (the Spanish word for hot, which doubtless refers to both Miami's climate and its players).

Other teams in the LFL include the Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation, San Diego Seduction, Seattle Mist and Chicago Bliss.

Lingerie Bowl VIII is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2011.

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