Coast Guard suspends search for boat reported sinking

8-hour search yields no clues after distress call

April 24, 2010|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

A search for a 45-year-old man and three children on a 28-foot pleasure craft has been suspended pending further investigation, said a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman.

"The fact that we searched for eight hours and nobody found anything — nothing found at the marina, no missing people reported," the search has been suspended, said spokesman Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandyn Hill.

The search began when the Coast Guard received a distress call at 2:48 a.m. Saturday, when a man reported that he was on a boat named "Susie Q" and three children were on board. No ages were given of the children, Hill said.

The boat reportedly left from the River Watch Restaurant & Marina in Essex, Hill said.

A Tow Boat U.S. boat crew arrived to the scene within 10 minutes of the call, Hill said, but they found nothing. Coast Guard crews arrived on scene within 40 minutes.

Between Maryland State Police and Coast Guard helicopters, Baltimore County Fire Rescue marine and shore units, Baltimore County Police Department investigators, and a Maryland Natural Resources Police boat crew, the search stretched over a track line of 141 nautical miles, but turned up nothing.

After eight hours, the Coast Guard called of the search at 2:01 p.m.

Investigators were unable to turn up any identity or contacts of missing persons, suspending the search, Hill said.

However, he said the search could resume, pending further investigation.

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