GOP should stop saying ‘no,’ work for the people

April 22, 2010

I remember when the Republican Party was a credible political force providing worthy opposition to the Democrats. The American people could expect spirited bipartisanship and a GOP that actually offered substantive programs and constructive input to the political process. Contrast that with the Republican Party of today that has morphed into a group of abject obstructionists with the slogan of: THE ANSWER IS NO. WHAT'S THE QUESTION?

I get the feeling that the GOP is so far removed from remembering the last time it did anything positive for the country that is has given up trying altogether. Instead, they've decided to go "all in" on a one-dimensional strategy - denying President Barack Obama a victory on any issue at any cost. What pathetic and embarrassing political posturing!

A lot of politicians from both parties go AWOL on their constituencies after being elected, but the near 100 percent desertion rate by GOP lawmakers is shameful. Congressional Republicans become so beholden so quickly to corporate America that anything else, such as performing the job they were sent to Washington to do, is out of the question. And what I can't figure out is how so many people continue to vote these corporate pawns back into office when they have to know that the "sellout" is inevitable. This November should be the last November for these indentured servants.

Just a week ago, the GOP built its predictable "wall of stone" around the financial reform bill but now that the measure looks like such a winner for the country, some Republicans appear to be trying to squirm their way through a crack or opening in the wall to be on the right side of history for a change. How they try to claim victory for themselves and defeat for Obama at the same time after the financial reform bill passes will make for more good theater.

But not to worry, the GOP will be right back hanging out its new slogan when Obama announces his nominee for the Supreme Court. Republicans have already promised a filibuster and they don‘t even know who that person will be.

Dale Swecker, Ellicott City

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