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2010 mock NFL Draft

The draft, according to Kevin Van Valkenburg

April 21, 2010|By Kevin Van Valkenburg | The Baltimore Sun

As I said previously, Davis hasn't done himself any favors since the season ended. But at one point, he was considered one of the two or three best offensive linemen in the country. Ken Whisenhunt needs to figure out if Matt Leinart is a real NFL quarterback, or just a party boy with a pretty face. Davis, if he's motivated, could be a steal this far down in the draft. It still a heck of a gamble to use a first-round pick on a kid who couldn't be bothered to get in shape for what is essentially a multi-million dollar job interview. But at 6-foot-6, 325 pounds, it's hard to pass on that kind of potential.

27. Dallas Cowboys -- Charles Brown, USC, offensive tackle

Is Bruce Campbell a possibility here? Sure. But I just don't think it happens. As long as the Raiders pass on Campbell, I think he ends up in the second round. He's just too raw, especially for a team that's already a contender. Brown has excellent technique and great feet (he's a former tight end) and will help Tony Romo stay off his back. Campbell is one of the most physically jaw-dropping people you'll ever see. He literally doesn't look like he has an ounce of fat on him, and he's 315 pounds. But Brown was by far the superior player in college. So unless Jerry Jones does something foolish, he'll go with the safer pick.

28. San Diego Chargers -- Ryan Mathews, Fresno State, running back

Darren Sproles is a fun player to watch, but Ray Lewis proved last year that you can't have him as your feature back. He's simply not big enough or strong enough to get you tough yards. Mathews, who led the country in rushing with 1,808 yards and a 6.6 yards per carry average, would be a nice complement to Sproles. He's 5-foot-11, 220 pounds, and he knows how to find the end zone. He scored 19 touchdowns last year. There are some injury concerns, but that's why the Chargers are a good fit for him because he doesn't have to carry the load on his own. He's also not an experienced pass catcher, which is why he could come off the field and give way to Sproles on third downs without complaint. The Chargers might have Jahvid Best of California rated higher here, but I doubt it. A pairing of Sproles and Mathews makes more sense.

29. New York Jets -- Jared Odrick, Penn State, defensive end

Odrick seems like the kind of player Rex Ryan could get a lot out of. It's tough to find good five-technique defensive ends to play in a 3-4 defense because you really do have to be able to rush the passer, but also "hold the point" as the saying goes and make plays in the running game. I'm not particularly enamored with Odrick's production, but he doesn't seem like the kind of player who will be a bust. He's a hard worker who will do whatever is asked of him. The Jets could look at Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody, but there are so many concerns about his weight that it's hard to see him in the first round.

30. Minnesota Vikings -- Patrick Robinson, Florida State, cornerback

One of the main reasons the Ravens will decide, ultimately, that they can't pass on McCourty is because they believe both Robinson and Kareem Jackson, two players rated just a tick lower than McCourty , will be gone by the time they pick. Robinson has the best feet of any corner in the draft, but he's not a consistent player. Sometimes he just didn't show up in games and looked as if he'd rather be somewhere else. But he's fast and he's smart, and he can play when he wants. The Vikings need help in the secondary.

31. Indianapolis Colts -- Brian Price, UCLA, defensive line

The Colts could use some help on the offensive line, so maybe Campbell is a possibility here. But Price is a dynamic player who can wreak havoc in the offensive backfield. He's not a plugger like Cody or Odrick, he's a guy who can shoot gaps and bring down quarterbacks and running backs. The Colts could use a little bit of that on defense.

32. New Orleans Saints -- Everson Griffen, USC, defensive end

The Saints will probably take a long look at USC's Taylor Mays, because he's the most impressive physical specimen in the draft. But ultimately I think they'll take his teammate, Griffen, who has just as much potential, but is too good to pass up at this spot.


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