Kicker’s story a testament to character

April 21, 2010

Due to a nasty cold that kept me in bed later than normal, I read The Sun's Sports section, a section of the paper that typically doesn't receive my attention too often. I am so very grateful that I did. Mike Klingaman's article on University of Maryland's freshman kicker, Nick Ferrara, showed this remarkable young man to be someone who has figured out early in life what the lessons of grief and loss often take years to teach us ("Ferrara spurred by death of childhood friend," April 21).

In recent years, I have lost my parents, both of whom were blessed with long lives, as well as a friend and a beloved sister, both of whom died far too young. All these losses were tough to bear. I don't think you are ever truly prepared for losing a loved one — no matter how old they are, no matter how old you are, no matter how many times you've experienced it, grief always presents us with the challenge of coping and making sense of what is often a tragic loss.

That Nick Ferrara was able to figure out, at the tender age of 12, what to take from his grief, and that he could honor his friend's short life by using him as a presence and inspiration in his own life's dreams and pursuits is an amazing testament foremost to his character but also to his family, for their wholehearted support in his endeavors. Thank you for sharing his story.

Rosemary Keyes, Lutherville

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