Looking for better choices in the governor’s race

April 21, 2010

Well once again it is time for the citizens of Maryland to elect a governor. I wonder who the choices are. I remember in last election there were other parties that ran for this position. The Green Party and Ed Boyd, the Populist Party and Christopher A. Driscoll. However I do not remember hearing a lot about them or seeing much media coverage on them or on their platforms. I do kind of remember there was some debate sponsored by the media. However only certain candidates were invited to attend.

I would only hope this year all candidates are given a chance by the media, newspapers and TV to all have the same opportunity to address the public. I find it difficult to realize that my only two choices are going to be former Gov. Bob Ehrlich or Gov. Martin O'Malley. I do not remember anything that Mr. Ehrlich did for me as a citizen of Maryland. The only thing I can remember Mr. O'Malley doing is making sure that I could not smoke a cigarette in a bar while enjoying a beer. Also taxing cigarettes out of the reach of the common working man. However, alcohol and fast food were left alone. These two things also cause health problems. Look around; Baltimore City is a fat city. Half the people cannot fit in the bus seats on the MTA. Surveying the people at the Inner Harbor one day I realized if everyone had to run for their lives they would all die.

So hopefully I will have more than two options in the next governor's race. If I don't, I can only guess that there is some higher authority or force working that that determines our choices. With these two, I guess I will just not have to vote.

John Fisher

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