Finishing times of Md. residents who ran in Boston Marathon

April 19, 2010|By Baltimore Sun reporter

Runner: Will Knowx Hometown: Cockeysville Time: 2:33:25 Overall finish: 107

Runner: Mark Buschman Hometown: Columbia Time: 2:38:02 Overall finish: 175

Runner: Adnrew Jaffe Hometown: Baltimore Time: 2:38:48 Overall finish: 184

Runner: Yuji Funakoshi Hometown: Silver Spring Time: 2:41:25 Overall finish: 240

Runner: Brandon Brown Hometown: Hagerstown Time: 2:45:07 Overall finish: 338

Runner: Peter Henning Hometown: Chevy Chase Time: 2:46:18 Overall finish: 372

Runner: Gregory Smith Hometown: Rockville Time: 2:47:06 Overall finish: 411

Runner: Joshua Korth Hometown: Potomac Time: 2:47:56 Overall finish: 437

Runner: Jaime Dick Hometown: Williamsport Time: 2:48:12 Overall finish: 451

Runner: Adnrew Mason Hometown: Hagerstown Time: 2:48:25 Overall finish: 457

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