Week in Review — Give the O's one more week

April 17, 2010|By Peter Schmuck

News item: The Orioles just went winless on their first homestand of a 2010 season that supposedly will be judged by upper management on wins and losses.

My take: Well, at this rate, it probably won't be a particularly difficult evaluation process, but there are 151 games left. Might want to give it another week or so.

News item: The Orioles' $12 million closer, Mike Gonzalez, just went on the disabled list with a sore left shoulder after insisting all spring that he was fine.

My take: He says it started hurting just a few days ago, but several scouts who watched him during the spring were convinced he was pitching hurt. If that were the case, he did the club a big disservice by keeping the injury to himself.

News item: The Ravens could go in just about any direction with the 25th pick in next week's NFL draft.

My take: If you listen to the various draft gurus, the Ravens could draft a wide receiver, tight end, defensive end, free safety or situational left-hander. I'm going with a quarterback-hunting defensive end, and if I'm right, I'm starting my own scouting service.

News item: The NCAA announced three rule changes Thursday, one of them to prevent college football players from putting personal messages on those little patches they wear under their eyes to cut down on glare.

My take: I'm all for getting rid of wedge blocks on kickoffs and punishing players for taunting, but were those little Bible citations under Tim Tebow's eyes really a major threat to the integrity of the sport?

News item: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the Pittsburgh Steelers will decide soon how to discipline Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after a district attorney in Georgia chose not to file charges on a second accusation of sexual misconduct.

My take: Goodell has a tightrope to walk on this one. Big Ben isn't going to be prosecuted in either case, so it's going to be hard to bring the hammer all the way down. And if Goodell doesn't come down hard enough, it will call into question the fairness and credibility of his vaunted code of player conduct.

Bonus take: Eight games sounds right to me, but I'm guessing Goodell will go with four and some of the conditions.

News item: Tiger Woods returned from five months of self-imposed exile to finish fourth at the Masters last weekend.

My take: Don't know why everyone is so surprised that he was in contention throughout. He's probably the healthiest he has been in a couple of years, and the golf course is probably the one place where he truly feels at home. I'm surprised he didn't win.

Related news item: There wasn't a dry eye in the house while Phil Mickelson was hugging his wife after his third Masters championship.

My take: What a strange emotional juxtaposition it was, watching Tiger trying to reclaim his good name after his tawdry adultery scandal and Phil trying to win one for his wife, who is battling breast cancer.

News item: Aubrey Huff hit his first home run for the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday, and he did it the hard way — on a ball that didn't clear the fences.

My take: Don't know why anyone in Baltimore would be surprised that Huff would leg out an inside-the-park homer. He tried to steal six bases last year for the Orioles, and got thrown out only six times.

Bonus former Oriole note: Former O's catching prospect Eli Whiteside also homered for the Giants in that game.

News item: All-time home run king Barry Bonds said last week that he's proud of Mark McGwire for returning to major league baseball as the hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals.

My take: If I'm Mark McGwire, that's just the endorsement I'm looking for at this point.

Related news item: Bonds also said he still has not officially retired.

My take: Ladies and gentleman, now batting fourth for your Baltimore Orioles…

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