Doggie Do List

Things to keep in mind before taking the pup out and about

April 16, 2010

•There is a leash law in Baltimore — and pretty much everywhere. Disobey at your own risk.
•If you're going to be out a while — or even just a short while on a hot day — don't forget to bring water. People need to rehydrate often and that's doubly true for canines.
•Bring a few poo bags. Even if you're away from home and don't know anyone, pick up after the pup.
•If you have a smaller dog or a dog that won't sit still in the car, consider one of the many safety belts or car seats on the market for dogs. You don't want the dog to distract you while your're driving or get hurt if you go over a bump or have to make a sudden stop.
If you're not sure you can enter a shop with your dog, all you have to do is ask. The owners and managers will appreciate your manners and you'll be surprised how of them will say yes.
Jill Rosen

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