Speed camera pseudo-science

April 15, 2010

The Sun cannot be seriously reporting on the effectiveness of speed cameras ("Highway work zones are deemed safer now," April 15). Maryland highways chief Neil J. Pedersen said Wednesday at a news conference that "his employees and contractors have noticed a decrease in the number of vehicles going more than 10 mph over the speed limit in work zones." Mr. Pederson also said "police have also noticed fewer crashes."

"Noticed" is how we are to measure success, what someone "notices"? Where are the facts? As in, before speed cameras there were X number of crashes. After speed cameras, there have been Y number of crashes. Then report the difference in the two numbers. That is a proper way to report success, if there is success. What might also be interesting is how much revenue the cameras have produced for the state, especially at times of day when they are not slowing down traffic for the safety of the workers but benevolently preventing speeding in lane shifts (e.g. making more money for the state).

But "noticed"? Seriously? The Sun should do better.

Bill Burnham, Baltimore

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