Md. Computer Services Association merges with state tech council

The two groups aim to speak with one voice in lobbying efforts

April 15, 2010|By Gus G. Sentementes, The Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Computer Services Association, a group formed three years ago to fight the threat of taxes on computer services in the state, said it is merging with the main technology trade group in Maryland.

Tom Loveland, a co-founder of the MCSA, said in an e-mail to members Wednesday that the merger with the Tech Council of Maryland was "a very good thing." The MCSA was a virtual organization while TCM has a full professional staff with connections in Annapolis, according to Loveland.

The merger is meant to unifying the lobbying efforts of the two groups, and to lessen confusion among lawmakers in Annapolis, Loveland wrote. The chief executive officer of the Tech Council of Maryland is Renee Winskey, the former director of the quasi-governmental MarylandTechnology Development Corp., or TEDCO.

"Let's speak with one voice. Let's combine and coordinate our resources and not duplicate efforts. Let's merge. And so we have," Loveland wrote.

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