Recipe: Deborah Robinson's Ladybug Cupcakes

April 14, 2010

Deborah Robinson's Ladybug Cupcakes

Makes: 6 decorated cupcakes

12 vanilla cupcakes

12 large-sized spice drops, any color

Store-bought icing dyed red

M&Ms in dark brown (and white, optional)

Thin black licorice whips

Slice the top off of a cupcake. Cut the top in half.

Ice the top of the cupcake and the halves with red icing. Place the halves back onto the top of the cupcake at a wing-like angle.

Take a spice drop and spear it twice with a toothpick. Insert a short piece of black licorice into each hole for the antennas. Spear the spice drop through the other side and then insert it into the cupcake, to be the head.

Push the brown M&Ms, logo-side down, onto the top of the cupcake (as well as the white ones) to be the spots.

Repeat for the rest of the cupcakes. --Courtesy of Deborah Robinson

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